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Ypres these days has the title of "city of peace" and maintains a close friendship with another town on which war had a profound impact: Hiroshima. The association may be regarded as somewhat gruesome due to the fact that both towns witnessed mankind at its worst: Ypres was one of the first places where chemical warfare was employed, while Hiroshima suffered the debut of nuclear warfare.

War graves, both of the Allied side and the Central Powers, cover the landscape around Ypres. The countryside around Ypres is featured in the famous poem by John McCrae, In Flanders Fields.


Poperinge is famous for its hops, beer and lace. During World War I, the town was used to billet British troops and also provided a safe area for field hospitals. These help to explain the location of a number of military cemeteries on the outskirts ofthe town.The charity Toc H was founded at Talbot House in Poperinge.

Within the town hall courtyard is an execution post.


Life by the sea is something special. The air is pure, the whole year through there is a pleasant bustle and everybody has that holiday feeling. Everyone and everything is on the go.

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  • The Last Post
  • In Flanders Fields Museum
  • Memorial museum passchendaele 1917
  • Talbot House Poperinge
  • National Hopmuseum Poperinge

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  • Cycling in West Flanders
  • Walking in West Flanders
  • Bellewaerde Park
  • Plopsaland

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